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Bare Aluminium Conductors Steel Reinforced for Overhead Power Lines

Group: Bare Aluminium Conductors

GOST 839-80

1. Application
The conductors are intended for power transmission in over-head power lines for all macroclimatic regions of temperate climate except the regions of dry tropical and humid tropical climate. Aluminium alloy conductors with neutral grease are used at sea coasts and coastlines of salt lakes, in industrial areas and areas of salinized sands, except the regions of humid tropical climate.


2. Construction
Conductors are stranded of a steel core and aluminium wires. They can be filled with neutral grease of high heating resistance.

— aluminium, purity 99,5; 99,7%;
— galvanized steel wire of class 1 or 2 (according to the
quality of zinc coating);
— neutral grease of high heating resistance with the dropping
point not less 105° C and steel wire class II only.
When using steel wires - zinc coated class II, conductor is
marked as "AC2".

3. Service and operating instructions
Under operation allowable continuous conductor temperature should not exceed 90° C.

4. Main characteristics of materials:


Aluminium wire

Steel wire

Specific electrical DC resistance at 20° C,Ohm·mm2/m, not more

0,028264 -

Temperature coefficient of resistance at constant mass per °C

0,00403 -

Ultimate breaking strength, MPa (N/mm2)

160-195 1290-1450

Stress at 1% elongation, MPa (N/mm2)

- 1100-1310

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