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Distribution network is constructed on the territorial and sectoral principle.
Sales of cable products are effected through departments and branches of UNСOMTEСH.  See all departments here.

Moscow Commercial Department ( Department №1 )

Director Alexey Radchenko
Tel./fax: (495) 933-62-94
(495) 933-62-97
: Fax 8(495) 951-98-31
Address: 4, Novodanilovskaya, Moscow 117105, Russian Federation
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Storage area 'Elektrostal'

Tel./Fax: +7(495)702-97-07, доб. 262
+7-917-533-93-49 Irina Romanova
+7-903-597-54-56 Boris Perevozov
Address: 33/1, Rabochaya, Electrostal, 140100, Moscow region
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